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02-06-2010, 12:25 PM
Originally Posted by Cragon_DC
OMFG this mission sucks, it is not winnable.

The objective is to kill 4 REPAIR HULKS
But People kill the REPAIR HUBS because they don't see Repair HULKS.
The mission counter counts the destroyed HUBS towards the object goal but when they kill 4 of them THEY LOOSE.

No matter what they are told via chat they keep killing the HUBS and THEY LOOSE.

This mission is UNOBTAINABLE.

Fix the HUBS counting towards the goal bug !

For those that don't know:
Repair HUBS are NOT repair HULKS
Amen. I just wasted the last 2 hours trying to do it. I understand the concept, and why it would be cool, but the Devs need to recognize this is the FIRST Resource War instance people are playing and so you can't throw a curveball like that in while people have no grasp it's not just a blow-stuff-up zone.

And the zone IS buggy. I regularly see fed players showing up as klingons and being destroyed by their team mates.

So far I've seen all of the following attempted:

1. Kill all hubs. Result? Map resets, the diplomacy quest doesn't.
2. Kill cubes. Result? Someone who's just joined destroys the hubs.
3. Kill cubes without anyone destroying hubs? No hulks to be found anywhere. People get tired of being killed by cubes or tactical cubes and destroy hubs anyway.

It is possible to complete - it's just fraking impractical.