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02-06-2010, 12:42 PM
Originally Posted by thecjm View Post
I tend to steer my ship with the mouse and both mouse buttons held down. I keep my target centered up and either pass by and then double back for another pass or cut my speed to 1/2 and keep the target centered up to hammer one shield. Considering cruisers are build for broadsides I think with this flying style I'd generate a lot more DPS with an escort and it's extra forward weapons slot.
Well, the combat approach you describe is pretty much what escorts are designed for.

You'll find it extremely hard to fight this way in a cruiser, particularly the higher tier models, as they turn slowly.

For you cruiser drivers, what's your steering method to line up for broadsides? Do you mouse-steer? Or do you steer with WASD while keeping the target on screen with the mouse?
I tend to WASD for steering. I use the mouse for lots of things, depending on the situation.

I wish this game had a padlock view!
It does (to an extent - the 'follow target' camera will keep your current target on-screen, although not necessarily in the centre), but using both mouse buttons to steer overides it, as you're moving the camera with the mouse and telling the ship to go in the direction you're looking.

If you use WASD to steer, you can switch between the 'follow target' and 'free' camera modes via the options menu or the 'X' key.

Note that even with 'follow target' on, you can still move the camera by holding the left mouse button - releasing it will cause the camera to swing back to your current target.

My escort question is about the 3rd front weapon slot. With my tier one ship, I have a cannon on autofire in the front, a beam on autofire aft, and fire forward torpedos manually while I focus on steering, shields and boffs. I think you're limited to 2 autofire slots. Is this one front and one rear, or is it just 2 anywhere?
No, autofire is currently only one forward weapon and one rear weapon.

If the limit is 1 autofire in the front how do you escort pilots manage to manage your shields, steer, work your boffs and hammer on the space bar all at once?
Well, that's the trick.

My only advice would be to play around with different combinations of using the keyboard and mouse until you find one that suits you. I'm certain that there are good players out there who use the keyboard almost exclusively, and good players who use the mouse almost exclusively, along with any combination in between. It's just a matter of practice and finding what suits you.