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02-06-2010, 01:09 PM
Originally Posted by Elboulevardo View Post
umm, does anyone else see the irony in someone who is at admiral by day 3 and is questioning that they dont have enough skill points to rank up an admiral ability to 9?

i think the point would make more sense if this was 3 months into the game, or more...but 3 days? my guess is you will culminate enough in the next month or two to max everything out
No, the only irony is that Cryptic suddenly implemented a cap one week before headstart - before that, it had always been EXPLICITELY stated that there is no cap, that the system is built around no cap etc...

One thing people forget about the system without the cap as it was until deep in Open Beta: Only so many skill points can have an effect in a given situation. For example, ground skills don't affect space and vice versa. Ship skills for different ship classes don't affect the other ones.

Without the cap, you would pretty quickly run into the situation that you can diversify, try out different ships, weapons types etc. With unlimited skill points, you wouldn't do any more damage than you could now with a specific energy weapon and torpedo type maximized and your ship skill to maximum etc... you would just be able to skill different weapons types, too, but in the sum you wouldn't be stronger, only more versatile in your equipment and ship choices. Instead we are now forced to pigeonhole into one ship and one weapon type if we don't want to gimp our characters.