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02-06-2010, 02:23 PM
Originally Posted by Ushaan
The problem with PvP is nowhere NEAR as bad as the whiners are making it up to be. Yes, there are a lot of whiners on the forums complaining about it. But that is nowhere near the majority of players are you say. Typically the people who whine about the way things are, are the people who come here and post about it. How many different people do you see here complaining? It seems like a lot because people who don't have a problem don't go out of their way to say they are happy with things. This is how any forum based feedback or review system works. People don't feel they need to give feedback if there is not a problem, or they are happy with things the way they are. Take for example apartment review sites, 90% of the people there are trashing the apartments, because they had problems, so they want everyone to know they are unhappy. So, until there are hundreds of thousands of people here whining, then YOU are the minority. The only reason I'm here posting about this is because I'm sitting in class listening to a boring lecture

Now, as far as the source of your complaints. Either your tactics are flawed, or you pug all the time. I play on the klingon side, and I always PVP in a premade with my fleet. Now 80% of the time we end up playing against fed pugs. So, it doesn't matter if the feds have flying fortresses and the klingons are shooting spit wads...the klinks have an advantage of organization. When you have an organized group communicating on vent playing an unorganized group not talking to each other...yes the klinks will win. I have played in a few pugs myself when no one else is around to PVP with. And I lose the vast majority of them. Organization, communication, and tactics are key.

That being said, most people who play klinks are there for PVP, since klink PVE does not exist. So it goes to reason they are generally more organized. I'm not saying all feds pug, but the majority of the teams I play are pugs. You can tell because one will impulse away from the others, they can be baiting by one uncloaked klink ship, or when we engage the ball, they all just tab and hit different targets.

Now, as far as the escort whiners. Fed escorts are tougher than bops... Yes they are weaker than cruisers and science vessels, but they are supposed to be. If there are as tough as a cruiser and do more damage, then why would you play a cruiser? Yes, klinks will target escorts at the first of any engagement because they do the most damage, and die the fastest. Its logical, its called tactics. All you have to do is turn that disadvantage into an advantage. If you know escorts will be targeted first, have everyone else be prepared to spam heal them. Once the klinks alpha strike and rapid fire or whatever else dps abilities they are using expire, their damage goes down immensely. So, now you have the advantage because bops have paper shields.

The problem with PVP is not ship or player balance, its tactics. You can develop tactics to win any battle. With proper organization and communication you have an advantage. Use your brain and develop tactics, don't expect the devs to give into your complaints and make you more powerful so all you have to do is tab and face roll. Each faction has an advantage in certain situations, it is up to you to develop tactics to turn the battle in your favor, if every ship and every situation was the exact same, and everyone had the same tools at their disposal, then what fun would that be?

I apologize for rambling so long, but as I said...I'm bored in class and I'm just trying to address all the points in this thread.
So the hundreds of new threads created daily are because people are content with PvP. I had no idea that's the way the internets worked, thanks for the insight.

Also, I'm offended by your lack of reading comprehension. Not once have I complained about PvP balance. I've won 90-95% of matches that I've been in, and as you so eloquently stated, people that are winning do not complain about balance.

I created this thread due to all the other people whining. Providing essentially a win-win scenario for everyone. The people that are winning, will likely continue to win, the people that are losing will enjoy "closer" matches where they feel they had a good shot at winning. Nobody likes playing a game where you get smashed continually, losing match after match with 0-15 scores isn't fun for the '0' team at all. This solution gives them a chance to win, even if it is a small chance due to them sucking/pugging/whatever.

So how about in the future before you type out a 30 minute rant in a thread, you spend those 30 minutes reading through it first? I realize there are a lot of words, but I'm sure you'll be able to get through it, after all you're bored, right?