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02-06-2010, 02:26 PM
Over arching "want"

I am not going to label these in a category because I personally don't know how long it would take to implement or modify the game mechanics to allow for any/all of these but this is what I would like to see.

1. To feel as though I have worked and earned the right to be a Star Ship Captain.

2. To command a crew that is something more then automatons.

3. Z Axis in Space, True Vertical angle of attack..

4. Not every ships blows up.

5. Boarding Parties for PVE/PVP that instances into actual on ship combat. (I think it would make things interesting especially in PVP)

6. Better Ship Scaling.

7. Celestial bodies that actually move.

8. Not seeing every ground NPC on radar (yes we have sensors but they are not 100%, 100% of the time)

9. Larger area of exploration on planets.

10. Star Fleet Academy before going on to be a Captain. (We have to earn the right to Captain and the respect of our crew.

11. Ability to interact with our ship as it is just as much a character in the movies/shows as are the crew.

12. Refined options for searching and using the Exchange.

13. Refined options for using the BO ability purchasing NPC.

14. Ability to un-spend/reset the most recent point amount on skills if we change our minds.

15. More character slots. We have so many in Champions what is the excuse for limitation here? Besides nickle and dimed by the C-Store.

I can think of more later.

Okay so this was a little more then 9, hey its 15 and that is divisible by 3 :p.