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02-06-2010, 01:40 PM
Shortest term (As in these Noobs should have done it before launch) - Prepared servers for incredible launch day numbers.... This is star trek and brings a fan base very similar to Star Wars.... They weren't launching a Strawberry shortcake MMO. They should have been ready...when will companies learn?

Mid-term - Keep us interested with new content. Gamers are passionate about gues what? GAMING. its our passtime. So when we reach the mid level range blues, new content or super polished existing content will keep alot of us loggin in.

Long-term - Rediculously aggressive and hate filled PvP. Fans grew up hating certain races due to massive TV exposure. This is also why we love the races we hate. I personally hate Klingons and their syphylis riddin foreheads, but I would love to play one in an MMO. Make end game pvp the thing all players log in for. Massive battles, with fine tuned logistics... Not what it is now, where if you have 5 on 3 the 3 are gunna lose no matter what... Tweak, tweak tweak and tweak it again until skill matters.