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02-06-2010, 01:46 PM
For energy weapons it basically boils down to preference, though I'd exclude polaron and antiproton from the list as it takes too many precious admiral skill points (better spent elsewhere) to improve those, making them not worthwhile.

They all do the same DPS at a given mark, the only question is which 5% proc do you want. I'll break it down with my personal opinions on them

*** Phaser and Disruptor are cheapest cost to skill up ***

Phaser = 5% short power system disable proc (under 2 seconds) - unreliable and not worth it due to the short duration IMO

Disruptor = 5% chance to proc -10% resistance to target (probably also short duration) - effectively a slight damage add, better than phaser espescially due to increased availability and reduced cost of these weapons. Keep in mind this proc probably only applies to damage direct to hull (not shields)

Tetryon = 5% chance to proc +10% shield damage (again probably short duration) - a shield version of the Disruptor proc effectively, not terribly effective or worthwhile IMO

Plasma = 5% chance to proc a damage over time effect - This is probaby by far the most significant damage add proc making plasma one of the best damage types, personally this is how I intend to set my ships up.

Antiproton/Polaron -> not applicable due to skill cost restriction

For Projectile weapons the story is similar, Chroniton/Tricobalt probably aren't worthwhile due to admiral level skills

Photon Torpedos = Hands down best damage over time if you are chain firing these, no other weapons in this category can compete for pure output. (These also appear to have the fastest speed traveling to their target of all types)

Quantum Torpedos = Highest burst damage, however lower fire rate means significantly lower sustain, however enormous burst potential using high yield skills, I have seen individual torps here hit for over 8k damage, High yield 3 = 4 torp salvo, likely to kill most ships whose shields are down.

Plasma Torpedos = These suck, their initial damage and rate of fire are lower than both quantum and photon torpedos, however they do add a small damage over time effect to compensate. High yield mode fires a large, slow, and worse still *targetable* plasma ball. If it hits it's potentially the most damaging single hit attack in the game with tremendous damage followed by a massive DoT effect, but it's too slow and too easily destroyed, and still not really competitive with a high yield quantum or photon salvo.

Transphasic Torpedos = These sound interesting but in practice they aren't terribly effective. Low damage per shot and lower rate of fire than quantum or photon, but they have a chance to bypass shields entirely. I've heard reports of 10-15% chance. Seems too unreliable to be worthwhile to me espescially given the horrendous sustained damage potential

Chroniton/Tricobalt = Need admiral skills to boost so pretty much automatically disqualified. Chroniton has the same low fire rate of plasma and transphasic while not doing any more damage than a typical photon torpedo, the only advantage is that it can proc a tractorbeam style effect that shuts down turning and engines on the target, doesn't seem like it'd be worth the damage loss. Tricobalt, I haven't even seen any way to acquire these in game yet, from what I've read they have supreme damage but a 30! second cooldown and high yield and other torp bridge officer skill don't work in conjunction with them. This makes them seem unlikely as a candidate for use, although it might depend on just how much damage a shot from these will do.

Mines near as I can tell function in a similar manner to their torpedo equivalents meaning photon and quantum are probably the only 2 types worth consider, regardless they all have fairly long cooldowns and I was never impressed enough by the damage done to feel it's worth wasting a weapon slot. Their real use is to clutter up targeting but Beam Fire at WIll fixes this problem nicely