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02-06-2010, 02:07 PM
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Hey there,

I am playing Klingons for 1 week now on lvl 15. And so far I am surprised about the nonsense most Klinong do in pvp arena. I think the Klingons ships are less resilient than federation. Therefore they wont survive focus fire not so well. But we got a cloaking device. But it seems most people dont use it. They just fly cloaked to the enemy decloak bummm. Then u wont take advantage of it. The Klingons need to cloak..sneak then hit and then R U N. But 99% of the player stuck at hit. They run to late or run not at all. Therefore my tip for hit and run tactic:
Fly in cloaked 100 on weapon. Use all CD and nuke a ship hard (normally u wont destroy it) even before u decloak and use all CD have engines go to 100. Dont go for second attack just run ! This way u wont kill the guy but that will be the job of your partner with the same tactic. U will lose no ship this way and get certain kills. But people need to play together for that.

If there is anybody out there who wanna play some good pvp I would be glad to join him. My ingame Name is Grak.
heres an easier solution engine battery + evasive manuevers. GG

edit: wrong battery type