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02-06-2010, 02:25 PM
Originally Posted by The_Rabbit
The majority of complaints seem to be centered around the fact that we (Klingons) can cloak, thus giving us the "advantage" in any skirmish.

First, lets make some assumptions:

Klingons are designed to attack from cloaks. We are given cloaks, and thinner armor, we're an entire faction dedicated to hit and run tactics.

Federation are designed to ball up. More Boff slots, more console slots, higher hull HPs and generally fitted with wide arc weapons, Feds are designed to sit in a ball, and shoot from all angles. AKA an entire faction dedicated to camping a single spot.

The Problem:

The problem is that the PvP battles are "Deathmatches" or "King of the Hill" battles. Each one of these plays to one sides strengths (Although it is skewed in Klingon favor due to the KotH matches having multiple "hills" instead of a single one that needs to be defended). Deathmatches are heavily favored towards Klingons, because we can choose when and where to engage the Fedball. Similarly, KotH matches are favored towards Federation due to their ability to tank marginally better than Klingons (However, as I said, the disparity isn't as large in KotH matches as it is in deathmatches).

The Solution:

Remove the disparity and have a single battle type that plays to both sides strengths.

Federation winning condition:
Hold the "hill" causing Klingons to lose match points.
This is the same mechanic as current KotH matches, EXCEPT there is now only 1 hill. One spot for Feds to control and ball up in. As long as the fed players are controlling the hill they have a counter that counts down to 0. When it reaches 0 the match ends and Fed wins.

Klingon winning condition:
Kill 15 Federation ships.
This is the current mechanic in Deathmatch battles.
Klingons no longer have to worry about silly capture and hold mechanics and only have to do what they do best, blow up feds.

Problem Solved:

This new match type solves everything. A single battle type that plays to both factions strengths. Fed players have to do what Feds do best, similarly Klingons do what Klings do best. It also plays towards the story, the KDF doesn't seem concerned with holding territory (we have 2 regions we can go to...?) why would we be concerned with holding some random space antenna in the middle of nowhere. The Federation is built around the idea of expanding and holding territory, they don't send out attack parties to go and kill enemies, they try and control resources.

They already have this map its capture and hold ....