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# 1 Please fix explore missions
02-06-2010, 02:25 PM
For the most part there fine, a little bland but can be fun.
However there is no feeling of exploring.

Especially when i land on a planet that is suposed to be uninhabited and theres these unique alien artifacts etc to find, except theres The same federation style housing on every freekin planet!.

Come on!

Every planet i go on has virtually the same set peices and why does everything i have to find right outside the front door of some random house?

Please do the following
- Only put structures in missions that REQUIRE there to be structures.
- Give structures some variation
- Add wild life to planets, even the lushest places have NOTHING
- Add people , im surrounded by buildings and theres no one there!, i mean sure i would hide to if right
outside my door there were egg sacks or space ship shooting beam weapons or some other thing.
- Put a hidden item or 2 that cant be picked up by the tricorder just so i can actually explore a litle.
- Put hidden missions on some planets, maybee standard style mmo stuff, talk to a dude do something for him get a unique reward or maybee some merrits or something.
- Also add some missions to find on other planets like andoria , vulcan, risa etc cool places to go NO POINT
like the hidden cave on i found a what you made it, use it !

Those are just some ideas that would make it feel alot better and shouldnt take a ton of work.
For a star trek game theres a serious lacking in imagination at times.