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# 1 UI Option Requests
02-06-2010, 02:38 PM
I have a few requests for UI improvements. I'm sure there are more but this is what I can think of right now.

Toolbars(ground and space) :
Able to be separated and moved around independently
Able to be set horizontal or vertical independently of eachother
Able to be resized (buttons larger or smaller than current)
Lockable so icons cannot be dragged around/off the bar by accident
Let us "queue" one action to follow the currently activated one. (i.e. queue up secondary weapon ability to fire off as soon as the current shot is finished)
Sortable by Name
Sortable by Price
Filter by rarity (green, blue, purple etc)
Filter by Mk
Wild card searchable
Searchable by effect (text or dropdown filter that would list possible effects for the currently selected category)
Resizable map area
More keymap options including mouse button remap (anything currently controllable by mouse or keyboard should be able to remap. Some commands that are currently only available as slash (/) commands should be mappable to a key)
Toggle for display of shield rings around ships. (client only so other players will still see them if they have the option still on)
Toggle for display of Engine trails (perhaps even separate for nacelle vs impulse)
Mission Log:
Mission rewards listed in the log for the mission
Mission should list not only what system it is in, but what 'map' it is in as well (i.e. Sirius, Alpha Centauri etc)
Bridge Officers UI:
Race and Gender should be listed in their tooltips when in the Assignments window, Exchange or other areas

Fleet UI:
Make MOTD not display every time we change zones/instances
Toggle for show/hide member online/offline messages

More distinct message filters. Currently it appears 'system' is used for too many things that cant be filtered separately.
Let us disconnect a Tab from the main chat window to create a separate chat window so both can be visible at the same time.
Zone chat filters - toggle to show Current Instance only (so we can see just our instances chat instead of all of them)