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02-06-2010, 02:54 PM
Originally Posted by Camoron View Post
A better fix to gameplay would be to remove cloaks from ALL Klingon ships and give it to only SOME Klingon ships, like the Bird of Prey. That way, Feds won't HAVE to ball up and sit and wait for Klingons to attack, and Klingons will stop whining about it, and Klingons will get some buffed ships with more power and stronger shields/hulls since they won't have cloaks, so they can stop whining about that, also, and Feds will stop whining about all Klingon ships cloaking, thus forcing them to stick in a very tight ball unless they want to lose.
^ The above is why I came up with my solution, because the typical response out of fed players is ZOMG REMOVE CLOAKS!