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3) The big T5 battlecruiser confuses me. It has less weapon slots and less bridge officer slots than the other T5 ships. What's the purpose of the huge ship?
Just another interesting tip. While you can get a higher sci skill from a T5 Bird of Prey, you can fit more science consoles in a Vo'Quv. This means the science skills it has will be stronger than the BoP's, as long as you use consoles and skills that benefit from them. I also believe it receives science ship skills (4 target subsystem beam abilities). I've never flown a Vo'Quv myself, but I'm skilling for it. Hope it's something decent. The 2 aft 4 fore surprises the crap out of me. It is the slowest ship in the game and, by extension, the least able to benefit from a fore heavy setup.