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02-06-2010, 03:13 PM
Find but it only works for BoP. And T2 and up there more ships than theat which canīt battlecloak. Its way harder to Get out if you arenīt able to cloak immediatly.

Most time Hit and run is a tradeoff. You get one and run. while they get one of you or more.

Better idea is stay and get as much dmg in. when 2 or more are down the rest runs zu reengange as fast as possible. But in most games i have seen it was when we broke the fedball they never formed up again and we got them by full impulse rushing into us or trying to find the others.

But good teamplay with defensive abilitys (and tanks that do their job).

Get to T3. with Cruisers the wohle gameplay changes a bit. Because they wont run.

And hopefully we get T2 Cruisers soon...