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# 1 FNN interviews?
02-06-2010, 03:39 PM
So, I'm here in queue, doing other stuff while I wait (only need 908 more people to get D/C'd before I'm in ) and started reading through the "Path to 2409" articles that Cryptic has put together, and I started getting to the interview ones (The Garrak one was great, captured the character perfectly) and I started thinking.

I know, always a dangerous pass time, but it occurred to me: we're all heroes.

By the time we finish the tutorial mission we've jumped from Ensign to permanent command of a starship (not so special now, are ya' Kirk?) been personally commended by Starfleet command for our actions, saved the crews of 6 ships from death (The Khitomer, Renown, and those 4 you beam survivors off of for the Seacole), and can notch our bed posts with 4 Borg probes, at least 1 Borg Sphere, and a Borg Cube. (most captains are happy is they survive an encounter with a Cube, never mind blow it up). We're the kind of people who make it on the cover of Stars and Stripes (Stars & Laurels, maybe? Would have to be a panoramic shot anyway).

Now, I'm no reporter, I can barely form a coherent sentence when telling my friends what I think of a given video game, so I dunno if I'm the one to do this, but it'd be cool for roleplayers if someone could put together an FNN interview outline. Something like the notes a reporter would go into an interview with s he makes sure he asks the most important questions. Basically something people can fill out as a sort of "hello, this is my character's background and aspirations."

Or maybe I'm stupid and this is a dumb idea, I dunno, but it's better than just watching a queue count down. (861 now )