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02-06-2010, 03:47 PM
Now, after having been in for 20 minutes, I am once again disconnected and put 1009 in line. Cryptic, Seriously. Can't you at least assign a datetime to an account to see when it logged off last? If it's only been a few SECONDS then put us at the front of the line!

You have a great game, a GREAT game! I'm loving it more than any other MMO I've played. I've been a Trek fan for a lot of years, and you've gotten so much right and have come up with a lot of awesome ideas. That being said, I'm having a real hard time appreciating the game when I can't even log in and stay logged in for a nice long session. Come on guys, I'm a graduating programming student and even I can come up with solutions to a lot of the little problems you've got cropping up in this game all the time! I mean, you don't even have a selectall in the Account Name and Password fields! That's just lazy.

You've got my interest in this game. Don't lose it now...