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02-06-2010, 04:48 PM
EU Guilds...

Well, good place to start

The Sanctuary is a UK/EU fleet mainly, with a few members from other continents. 8.30pm GMT pretty much lands in the middle of most of our members play times with some of us playing into the night (like I would be if I didn't spend so long personalising every response I do... they'll be wondering where i've vanished off too... )

Whilst we are quite thin on the ground we aim for quality of our members over quantity so that we can continue building our Casual, Civil and Fun community in the right direction.

We don't use voice comms (we got bored of them years ago ) so we are mainly quite fast typers although the later on it gets the more confusing the chat gets. We're all a social bunch, and we run teams quite often.

Like SpudUK's advert for The Andorian Imperial Guard mentioned you don't see copy-pasted messages from us either. We are building a community, not a borg collective.

Anyway, I hope you find the group that is right for you.

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