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02-06-2010, 03:58 PM
when Tank and Sci is far better and there is absolutly no point being tac
you are probobly Escort

i see cruisers and Sci ships being able to take several BOps for awhile ALONE and that is without Reverse polarity
Ship types and Captain "classes" don't necessarily match up. I've seen literally every combination possible, and it's actually quite common to see Tactical Officers commanding Cruisers. Survivability seems to have more to do with bridge officers and teamwork than anything else. The Captain's abilities can certainly help, of course, but they're not replacements for good bridge officer skills.

by assuming you mean rotate shield polarity by frequency
Rotate Shield Frequency is the first space ability that Engineer Captains get.

point blank range, focus fire on 1 shield facing, rapid fire cannons + whatever buffs... and the cruiser's shields should be gone in seconds, no matter what skills he uses (apart from RSP, then you jus switch target)
Indeed. My Tier 3 Science Vessel has 7,751 shields on each facing, and against rapid fire they're gone in no time flat. I had a recent game where at least two Klingons opened up on a friendly Escort, and I tossed him some heals before noticing that I was taking fire myself. My ship blew up before the "Front shields failing" voice over was complete. Entire time from de-cloak to me exploding was MAYBE 7 or 8 seconds (and for the first 2-3 of those I wasn't even being shot).