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02-06-2010, 04:23 PM
Originally Posted by SysOpPsyche View Post
Yes slighlty easier than they can presently.

With the current UI, the same tools used by botters are typically used by players just to get the UI to work responsively.

People who do bots and cheat-macros aren't even going to notice the difference though. It'll just mean they won't have to time things as precisely, just like players won't be affected by the herky-jerky responsiveness.
That makes sense. I was just thinking that, for example, there is a cooldown when switching weapons so that you can't expose-exploit instantly --> which means that theoretically a human could expose-exploit about a quickly as a bot program could, since there is a 2 sec or so window for reflexes.

I guess ultimately botting and such is a different issue from this; my bad for misunderstanding.