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02-06-2010, 04:26 PM
I think some of you are misunderstanding what the maneuver should and should not be.

It should not be a "I win" button. It should not do everything for you in the sense of auto-battle. It should not take out any enemy to come in your way.

It should do a significant amount of damage, being that it is sort of a surprise attack. Thus ignore shields. JUST FOR THE INITIAL ATTACK. This does not mean that the shields are gone or anything. Just that the initial attack hits the enemy by surprise and does not leave him the opportunity to raise shields in time. => Hull damage depending on the strength of your weapons. Of course the strength of your weapons can be balanced in this attack. In-game explanation: The ship needed its power for the warp-jump.

Since you would need to get 10-15 km AWAY from the enemy and target your ship directly at him in order to do the maneuver it would be difficult to do mid-battle. However it would be a very effective way of opening a battle, especially if you are going on a suicide mission jumping into a group of klingon battle ships ^^

The auto-fire also is there for simply one reason: In order to work as the Picard maneuver the weapons need to be fired the moment the ship drops out of its brief Warp jump. This does not mean that your weapons start firing automatically all the time. Just this one time as they are activated by the execution of the maneuver.

I hope this clears some things up ^^