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02-06-2010, 04:46 PM
Originally Posted by Paneth
So instead of talking to your team and coming up with a counter offence you just convinced them all to do an AV and say "Just let them have it?" Ive had pugs that Steamrolled premades with only a minimum of communication, even when its been a bad pug I've been out there busting my butt when everyone is sitting at the spawn point.

Either way just quiting and letting them take things is just poor game play and unbecoming of a federation officer.

However diffrent Q's isnt a totally bad Idea, however there are currently not enough Klingons to do this yet
We had relatively good comms for a pug tbh, their comms were just better. And we decided to sit out the last 3 minutes to speed the whole thing up, so yeah.

I too have had pugs beat pre-mades, but 99% of the time this won't be the case.

Just saying that most multiplayer games no longer force PUGs to play against premade, or at least there's a pug-only option, modern warfare 2 being the most recent example.