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02-06-2010, 05:34 PM
Enemies cheat to be completely honest when you play higher levels

Playing as captain here is what I am encoutering.. it doesnt make the game harder just freakin annoying

I fire Torp high yield III thats 4 torpdoes... hit his front shield... still up.. barely any damage to hull that also includes me firing beam overloard 2 with my dual tetrya beams and tacyon....

they fire high yield III at me... my shields down 50% hull down 50% thats with me using brace for impact III....

Sorry crypic instead of letting your horrible NPCs cheat why not given a better brain...

also question I dont play a klingon so that why I am asking but how often can they cloak? I just got in a match with an NPC and he cloaked fired another shot over and over and over and whenever he cloaked and I hit him did 0 damage