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02-06-2010, 05:42 PM
Originally Posted by Matt_Dravis
Couldn't think of anywhere better to put this. If a moderator feels this belongs in a better place, please do move it.

It's very clear by now that there are 'must have' items and abilities that everyone needs. In terms of 'must have' abilities, it's Reverse Shield Polarity, and there is a separate thread going in the Klingons and PVP Forum.

In terms of 'must have' items, it's definitely the EPS Flow Regulator.

At the moment it does both of these effects:
-helps change power presets faster
-helps recharge system power faster

Stacking now implements some diminishing returns on the power recharge rate.

My issue is, with an item this 'powerful' or versatile, everyone will always have at least one. Might as well just build it into ships.

I recommend breaking up its effects into two different consoles. For example:
-EPS Flow Regulator: helps change power presets faster
-EPS Conduit: helps recharge system power faster
This won't happen because EPS consoles don't actually do two things- it only does one thing. The mechanic of transferring power after switching presets is not actually a transfer. What happens is the cap settings change, and the power levels recharge or decay to meet the new levels. EPS consoles say they help transfer, but there is no actual transfer- EPS consoles actually just increases the rate of change. The boon side effect is that it will help you use more energy weapons while suffering less weapon power drain.

And if the DEVS nerf that, it will be the final nail/proof that Cryptic hates cruisers.