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02-06-2010, 07:15 PM
That's great news! Hopefully it comes true.

As a secondary story to add, every time I was in Vegas after that (three more times before the closure) I would make it a point to at least visit Quarks for lunch/dinner. Well, one night when I was there for dinner, there was a couple of seriously intoxicated girls at the bar, and a Borg actor stopped by to assimilate them.

Well, apparently they were so drunk that when the Borg came up, they started hitting on him. Surprisingly, he never broke character, but started to walk away, when one of the girls latched onto his leg. He actually still never broke character and dragged her a few feet before she let go laughing histerically.

I've gotta admit that I was laughing myself as well, and gave that Borg some serious props.