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Originally Posted by RandomRedshirt View Post
Oh really?

Who determines the roots of Trek? Simple. Gene Roddenberry.

TOS and TNG up to the time of his death. That is the roots of Star Trek. Period.

Everything that came after Gene's passing doesn't represent the roots. DS9 and Voyager was Rick Berman's vision of Trek, not Gene's. In fact, Gene wouldn't buy off on DS9 while he was alive because it was too dark, too gritty and wasn't the Trek he wanted to portray. So, when did DS9 go forward? Once Gene had passed, and wasn't there to object anymore.

So yes, I do know what the hell I'm talking about.
See that wasn't so hard to answer was it

So now that that's out in the open. If we're really looking at the spirit of Star Trek and not the creative control of Gene Roddenberry (which would be hard since he is not living anymore), what would we really be expecting out of this game?

Well rounded out combat, exploration, political intrigue, engaging storyline. These are all things people want, its just one piece of the puzzle. No need to take things entirely out of context.