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02-06-2010, 07:38 PM
Originally Posted by Wodan View Post
More hull/shields typically.
More endgame choices in BO stations (2 tac or 2sci, etc).
Sci ships with +10 aux and the full set of beam target subsystem.
Only the BoP has universal stations, but it has fewer stations and weapons overall.
Hull is the weakest thing to take damage and the only difference in shileds really is if the Klingon has no gear compared to the Fed

Wait we have more choices for our BO stations? How so? You mean the choices between ships? Well that is true.

So you want to say one ship gets +10 aux? Ok well One ship on Klingon gets healing/dps pets?

Wait the stations again? So having the option to have a ship that can have 4 of any kind of BO you like is a bad thing now?

Past the carrier the lowest turn rate Klingons have is 9 on T5. While for the Feds it is 6. Meaning 1 +30% turn rate console gives a crap load more.

About the cannon issue.

Ok again, the option to use cannons on your cruiser is a bad thing because of the cruiser turn rate? Which is 9 by the way, something Feds would love let alone cloak

The hulls may be smaller but it is the most easily damaged part of your ship. If your shields are gone you are dead very very fast. This is with 22.9% in all resists currently. The ability to turn your ship to ther other shields creates much more damage absorbtion.

Also the larger crews help quite a bit when fixing things up.