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02-06-2010, 08:12 PM
Short Term
- More AI improvements in ground combat. It seems the enemy enjoys rushing us and engaging in hand-to-hand; no matter that there's five of us with plasma doesn't seem to phase them.
- A better teaming/party system. Implement an LFG system. If the LFT in the social menu is their idea of a Looking For Group concept, Cryptic is sadly mistaken.
- Ask Square Enix for advice.

Mid Term
- More diplomatic/intimidation options and interactions with NPCs.
- More freedom to move about planets and star systems; see something new everywhere I go.
- More random engagements. This patrolling concept is epic whack.
- Revamped efforts on ground combat. It was more than likely an afterthought while the game was in production, but exploration is very key. I doubt it would hurt Cryptic any to use the Alien PC system to randomly generate new races for people to find.
- A more solid story system. What happened to the 'Episodes' that were going to be incorporated. So far all I'm seeing is Patrol this sector, Patrol that sector, save a scientist, kill an enemy...and one time I even got to put out a fire! time.

Long Term
-More social options and ship customization. Each person should have the option for a TRULY unique ship both inside and out, bringing friends aboard to combat boarding parties or take over Bridge Officer positions. It really seems sometimes combat can get way out of hand for one person to handle. Make it even MORE out of hand, enable battles to take longer and be a little more challenging and provoking you to use Ship-Board PCs in order to more easily multitask a large battle.
-Let your Bridge Officers take your ship to combat while you board enemy ships with friends or Red Shirts and sabotage them to gain the edge in battle.
-Encourage enemy captains to back down by utilizing diplomatic or intimidation methods; disabling their weapons and causing them to flee. In the shows, very few enemies were actually destroyed. 9/10ths of battles were determined by the art of the silver tongue or side-quests: Help Us We'll Help You. Or: Help Us and We Won't Punk Your Butt Back To 1966 With Our Ship of Awesome.
- Full Ship Customization.