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02-06-2010, 08:58 PM
Originally Posted by Palaxormi

Its really worth reading, someone sent me that in an email earlier. Its old and ancient as of now, but... realistically? insightful.
Ah that article reminds me of my days in Lineage2, fighting the farmer bots for kills of a certain mob/spawn area ..... such a horrid experience it was ....

Originally Posted by SaintHazard View Post
This is essentially the same as the "legalize drugs in order to make black market sales economically unfeasible, and tax them to make some government dollars on the side" argument, which scares the living hell out of me, but whose logic I can't refute.

Logically, it would work.
you have a point, though the legalized drug arguement, in some cases, is more along the lines of "well alcohol is typically worse then x drug actually is" but i digress.

sadly, the "official" sale of gold and goods via the "cstore" (outside special items) would cause problems, namely artificial inflation of goods etc. people will figure "so and so probably bought 8 mill EC from Cstore so he should easily be able to afford 1 mill for x common item" other sellers will then see that their same item can make them 5 times what they would have gotten and adjust prices accordingly. next thing we know everything is MASSIVELY over priced which will inspire more gold buying and lead to a looped effect.

of course it wouldn't be everyone, but the vast majority would proliferate the inflation of pricing beyond what it should be for the sake of percieved higher profit, and all because "EC" would be so much easier to get in vast quantities.