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02-06-2010, 09:08 PM
SPOILER WARNING: If you have not played this mission, don't read

Thanks so much Cryptic for all of your hard work on the missions. As I played through City on the Edge of Never the improvements are readily apparent. I found the away team that used to track horribly in early beta now does a great job, even when I am hopping over blockades. Even when compared to NPC's in other games the away team really seems to work so well that in the larger missions with other players its sometimes hard to tell who is the player and who is the NPC.

I was thrilled to hear the voice work of Mr. Nimoy portraying himself in this mission. It added a great deal to the immersion and the game in general.

And I must say that I loved the artwork on the gateway itself.

The only sad part was the death of B'Vat. Having touched with his nefarious deeds through several missions I was sad to see Ambassador B'Vat die. I hope that there is a new "Arch Nemesis" as the game goes on. If not it would be grand to see B'Vat return. After all, the gateway does say at the end of the mission that "all returns to how it was"...perhaps that even meant B'Vat being alive before Miral Paris was kidnapped.

In any case this was a fantastic mission, great fun. Like being in a Star Trek Episode.