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02-06-2010, 09:21 PM
Here goes my two cents being new to MMO's and new to this game.

Short Term:
1) Fix graphics problems. Wth my graphics card set to recommended settings, the game freezes at all changes to new areas. I have to set it to the lowest setting then warp out or warp in or beam up or down. Then turn the settings back up once I'm where I want to be for a while.
2) Already mentioned, but holster weapon when landing on peaceful missions.

Mid Term:
1) More intellligent BO. The don't get stuck in doors ways and they actually offer some worthwhile suggestions. Maybe they deal with a moral dillema on a mission that I have to help them solve. Certain races should have certain emotional and moral presets.
2) More choices on how to handle a mission. Diplomatic, peaceful, or with combat.
3) Have the choices come back and effect later actions. For example choose to handle a problem with race "x" with combat and find later that had you handled it peacefully they would now be assisting you in a battle but instead are fighting against you.

Long Term:
1) Have each planet divided into sectors so depending where you fly around the planet and choose to stop, you would beam down to different areas. Instead of beaming down to a Vulcan temple, you might beam down to a Vulcan city, town, village, wilderness, desert, high command or temple.
2) Have more puzzle solving problems. Instead of just going to a console and pressing "f", maybe we could have to actually move dials and levers in to the right position based on a schematic on the console that we need to figure out. Or maybe an artifact we find on one planet is need many missions later to open a passageway or activate a device on another planet. Maybe we need to remember some sensor reading or something an NPC tolds earlier in the game to solve a problem on a current mission. Make us use our brains some.
3) Have us find useful things even when we are not doing missions. That would allow us to break up missions with some plane old fun exploring on our own, while not completely wasting time. We could find items, anamolies, NPCs and other things that will help us later on missions.

DEV's, you can have us all if you just want to.