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02-06-2010, 09:23 PM
To the op:
Are you like, the guy that they hired to write the manual?? Are you one of the developers who feels sorry for us for not writing an actual user manual and, out of guilt, you are posting here?

If you are just a regular player, then HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW ALL THIS??? How can we trust you? What proof do you have that what you say is true?

Please explain... thanks!!

Originally Posted by AlwaysRemember
You may loot science consoles or new deflector dishes that have all these +Crazy stats on them and have no clue what they mean or do, so i'm going to break it down for you because I see far too many people being confused by all this.

First of all, every Space-oriented Science Bridge Officer Power in the game will begin it's text description with "System: ". This is where it explains what ship system that particular power uses.

For example, the ability Viral Matrix uses system: Sensor probes.

That means that any science console, deflector dish, or anything else that has + Sensor probes will improve that ability in some small way.

But it doesn't end there.

Just like tactical consoles and stats, there are lower grade "Generic" stats that blanket improve multiple others.

Sensor Probe powers for example not only gain benefit from +Sensor Probes, but also +Sensors, and +Starship Operations. All these stats together determine the final benefit.

The tree works like this...

Starship Operations improves ALL science powers, period.

There are 3 extra stats which also provide blanket increases to multiple systems, but not all of them at once.

Starship Sensors improves all powers that use any sensor-based stats. These include Sensor Array and Sensor Probes for certain. I believe it also includes Astrometrics.

Starship Emmiters improves all powers that use Emmiter-based stats. These include Tractor Beam, Hazard System, and Photonic Theory.

Starship Deflectors improves all deflector based stats. These include Deflector Field, Deflector Dish, and I believe Spatial Anomaly.

So next time you compare an item that is +10 Deflectors vs an item that is +10 Deflector Dish and you have no idea what the difference is, now you do.

So just to summarize, any science power in game bases it's effectiveness off 3 stats (Some also scale with auxiliary power, but im not getting into that here, only talking stats.

It uses the SPECIFIC STAT stated on the power in the description. Then it uses the synergy stat that affects all similar powers, then it also uses Starship Operations on top of all of it.

So the "Tractor Beam" power gains bonuses from Tractor Beam stat, Emitters stat, and Starship Operations stat.
The "Tyken's Rift" power gains bonuses from Spatial Anomaly stat, Deflector stat, Deflector Dish stat, and Starship Operations stat.

etc, etc, etc.

I hope that clears it up.