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02-06-2010, 09:37 PM
Originally Posted by Gloryfox View Post
Well that might be because of good tanking plus good player skills. I also seem to outclass my Klingon opponents but I assume it's because of bad Klingon Players not because of any inherent advantage. What I am curious about is why is there is no apparent Federation advantage if the Klingon's appear to have a stronger probability of victory do to inherent ship advantages.
Lots of things.

Kdf have almost no pve, so the kdf players who play only klingon have nothing but human opponents. They don't end up identifying with pve roles. Their ships and their skills are entirely set up for killing player ships.

feds on the other hand do all manner of pve, and so they end up identifying with roles - tank, dps, support - and they spec into those roles. You will rarely see kdf outside of premades that supports other kdf.

That's just the nature of wolves.