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02-06-2010, 11:35 PM
Originally Posted by Emn1ty View Post
Yes it has, and it is anything but constructive. It is a destructive, trolling, flame baiting post and I am tired of this kiind of attitude in this community.
I bet you would like for me to get nerfed as well because I HURT your feelings... My sarcasm is so OP!!

And Dantivirus, you are 100% spot on! A friend of mine put it this way: Klingon players are the major league. We eat, sleep, and drink pvp... Feds on the other hand are in a different league until they finish the PVE league. I see the same old Feds in my pvp battles. They are the true unsung heroes... They pvp when they could be pve'ing to level. It's not a matter of weakening the majority... It is a matter of organizing yourselves so you can always compete in the major league. Once you max level, all that is left for Feds is raiding and pvp... So T5 will be fun!