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Appearantly you get medals at the end of a PvP-match according to the damage and healing (not shields, only hull/body) you did in game.
That is great for tacticians, because their skills are designed towards damage.

Alas it leaves out all forms of support, namely shield healing, buff/debuff, exposing (so others can exploit), crowdcontrol by hold and knockdown/knockback, tractorbeam and whatnot.

I am doing matches together with my brother on a regular basis and noticed, that he gets a lot more medals for doing "only" damage, while I do the fancy scientist stuff. We fight together in the battle, shoulder to shoulder, the banner of the KDF held high ... but don't get the same reward.

While I understand the problem, that people sometimes go afk during a match (I have encountered that only in PvE so far tho, not in PvP), I consider that system somewhat unfair towards the support people.

I hope for a better solution, maybe an activity rating, like how often a player used skills, special attacks or such.