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02-07-2010, 12:36 AM
Originally Posted by Wryce View Post
Tac. gets Omega, VM fail, erhm any hold root or whatever fails.

To the OP, i use hit and run tactics.

Iv'e been called a lot of things like coward and worse, but in the end you didn't give them a point and as you sad maybe you didn't kill the guy, but your team mates did.
totally agree. U almost never die and u hit them. This way u win. But I guess for most Klingons it is either not worthwhile to invest so much time in one pvp game (since same reward anyway) or the just not smart enough for it. Always wanna go for the kill. U go in and rip off the shields...then u stay because now u can imba nuke hull...and that is the moment u usually die :-)