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02-07-2010, 12:48 AM
Originally Posted by Judge_Bloodgood View Post
The Carriers.....really Cryptic? Impossible to even try to target them. A swarm of fighters, BoPs every where, not to mention they use as many mines as they can fit on the tail end of their ship to compound the issue. Your not fighting 5v5, your fighting 5v50+ if there are 2 or more carriers in the group. The targeting system is terrible and there is no way to target just the actual klingons. You can not tab onto them, you cannot click them its just impossible. Not to mention that Spawning fighters, AND BoPs is like getting two FREE SKILLS just for using that ship.

It is basically a "I WIN" button. What will the Klingons do when nobody PvPs at tier 5 because they don't want to deal with having to sift through 30 junk targets to shoot the actual player??

In tier 5 Craptic dropped the ball off a cliff. Unless we (feds) get a counter of some sort like our own carrier the end game PvP will die a horrible death. Not that it had much going for it to begin with.

And before you give the usual response of "QQ more" or the more intelligent discussion of the type of foot wear my mother fancies. What would you do if WE were the ones with this retarded ship that spews forth tons of shuttle craft that serve no purpose other than to make it hard for you to target us?

What is the federations counter shop to this Cryptic?

Judge, this is getting ridiculous. You have yet to NOT p1ss and moan about something. The irony here is you going on about mines as I know from personal experience that this was one of YOUR strategies to hide yourself in the middle of a mine cloud.

DEVS, please give Judge his own personal Godmobile (AKA the Nerfmobile) like he wants already so we can be spared his constant complaints about how everything he goes up against is overpowered because they kill him all the time.