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09-12-2008, 01:57 AM
I think what a lot of people are forgetting is that this game isn't just about Star Trek. It's about creating a great game to play. This might be someone's first introduction to Star Trek, Cryptic can't count on Roddenberry love to get them over the flaws as a game.
What you're asking of them is to write you a brand new Star Trek script for every single mission. That's not their job, and if it was, this game would never get made. Their job is to produce an enjoyable game with the right ships, the right visual appeal and the right atmosphere, so that as wide an audience as possible can enjoy the game as a game. It's then our duty as a community to give this game a Star Trek feel.

At the end of the day, Combat, and especially PvP, is a really fun experience for a lot of people, and not focusing on Starship Combat, which is not a particularly well-mined area of MMORPG's, would be a bone-head decision. I mean we're talking about a major selling point for the game here. I doubt they'll be able to do better than WoW, but Space Combat better than Eve? There's a pretty good chance that they'll at least be able to provide a different experience.
The number of fans who won't pick this up because the combat's a major point compared to the number won't pick it up if the combat's no fun is smaller by a factor of thousands.

But obviously, if you don't like combat, there is no reason for you to enter PvP areas. There's no reason for you to go on base assault missions. There are ALWAYS other things you can do instead.

Off the top of my head, here is a brilliant way to play the game as if you were in the TOS era:
This will be a massive galaxy, with a huge amount of content.
Explore areas where the PvPer's aren't interested in going. Spend your time on self-designed missions, where you produce a list of all the planets, their life-forms, and the in-game missions ("research opportunities") available there, exactly as if you were on one of those sector mapping missions that are always getting interrupted by planets exploding or Q turning up for a pint of shandy. You might not get the fanciest ships that way, but maybe that shouldn't matter. Certainly it's realistic, in that the way a captain makes his name is through risky strategies. That's how Kirk and Picard got the Enterprise, and that's how Sisko made Captain. Playing it safe and just doing mapping is how "Tapestry Picard" ended up stuck never progressing into command.

Here's another one:
Obviously, there are going to be many, many ships. You could do R&D on these ships. Work out what works best under what circumstances. Try and find exploits in the game engine to produce odd effects, as if you were researching new ways to "warp subspace". Research all the different aliens out there, and as that's customisable, that'll be really interesting to people thinking about designing their own race.

If you don't want the game to be about combat, what do you want the game's killer hook to be instead? Because chances are, even if they don't include it, with a little ingenuity, you can create it yourself. Incidentally, "It's Star Trek" is not a killer hook. That line of thinking is what makes shoddy games that only sell to the die-hard fans. A killer hook is something that makes a game great, no matter where it's set.