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02-07-2010, 04:13 AM
Hmmmm. MES (Fixed), RSP, Feedback Pulse,Viral matrix. that's half of ...8 skills? There are a ton of skills that are balanced.

In any game there are skills that are too good. Instead of just saying use it or deal with it, we say fix it.
Viral Matrix is fine, L2P.

Reverse Shield Polarity is fine, L2P. (Caveat here is that having it be "stackable" is indeed going too far, but if the ability itself is nerfed much, every Federation player will be in a Cruiser so they don't die 3 seconds into an Alpha Strike).

Hmm, if I only use cannons and torps this won't affect me.
I think it affects all energy weapons, doesn't it? That would include Cannons.

Probably because this game's extensive testing of 45 minutes in QA and a bunch of random yahoo beta testers who spent half their time waiting for the server to come back up did not, in fact, reveal all of the balance issues.

That and the designers probably spent about 2 minutes pondering the ramifications of these skills on PvP. NPCs don't complain when you use some stupidly overpowered ability on them.
So two weeks of open beta didn't reveal the issues, but < 5 days of release time has? Give me a break