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02-07-2010, 04:34 AM
Oh my ,i must have missed the big kabooms of the 5 Klingon Players that did shoot at me while i was running a fully skilled Feedback Pulse 2 (means the BO skill itself and my Characterskills for this one) ...maybe because my Ship got Kaboom ...oh well when i come to think about it the Deathmatch Counter only counted one to our losses not theirs so maybe they didnt even loose 1 Ship while my Feedback Pulses hit them?

Actually i would really like to see those high numbers you state here. All i've seen so far was something between 150-200 with rarely a Crit around 300-350 ...which dont comes that often *sob* a T5 Hull thats well , i got my Hull at around 30000. While its not that bad when you get focused its not that hard to outheal if you got supporting Teammates ...actually 1 Hazard Emitter can outheal it.