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02-07-2010, 03:43 AM
Actually i thought the first time i played the game that you could max all the skills the BO's have.

Not like 1 lvl1 skill, 1 lvl2 skill, maybe 1 lvl3 skill
I thought if the guy has lvl1 Tachyon beam that you could just put 10 skillpoints in it and get a lvl2 Tachyon Beam in the same Slot...

having 3 Bridge Officer Slots but all ensigns is kind of pathetic.
Having one but with 3 or 4 lvl3 Skills would be much better but it should be hard to get there and take a long time.
Can't remember ever seeing 3 tactical Officers pressing the Buttons on Worf's Console and Worf surely knows more then two or three Tricks.

Putting 9 Skillpoints into your captain so you can train a lvl 3 skill seems like a waste if you can use that skill one time and not even train it to other BO's or trade them.