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02-07-2010, 03:44 AM
I dont know what is the reason for people to perpetuate the myth about Fed's being PVP handicapped because they do PVE. I know alot of Feds who only do blue reward missions and rest of the time do PVP.

In my circle of STO friends, pvp is the driving force not PVE and yes we win 90% of T3 games, but that is solely due to us being a group. My overall view about current pvp (T3), is that the damage difference is a bit too significant. Having cannons on cruiser that actually can turn is really the advantage the klingon have to feds.

I accepted the situation of feds not having cannons when i rolled them (played klingon in beta), but i do feel like we need something to even out the damage difference between klingon and fed cruisers.

Finally the extra hull means absolutely nothing, i would give 20% of my hull to match klingon cruiser dps.