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02-07-2010, 03:52 AM
Originally Posted by Christopher Lloyd
I tank in a BoP at T2 and I usually open first. After all my tank buffs are gone I have to exit and return when ready. I'm an engineer so I don't carry damage buffs. I could carry some but I play the tank role.

Surely I don't deserve less Skill Point rewards and healers deserve them too. We all do our job. Just make it all equal.
You are entirely correct - it doesn't work, and every previous game that attempted this got it equally wrong.

[It's not an entirely bad idea, it's just impossible to measure "contribution" in practice]

Originally Posted by Christopher Lloyd
I would say that the developers should trust certain members with a "kick from arena" ability. I certainly would not abuse it, nor would many others. Other than that there must be a simple way to deter people from going afk. I move a lot in PvP (space) and I use a lot of skills. That would be a headache to program though and then the cheats would make macros.

How about GMs sitting in on some PvP and banning (permanently) these cheats?
That isn't necessary (is /afk worse than chain-kamikazeing to 45? or camping deep-space? or...). Likewise I doubt that 'kick from arena' is a good idea.

And remember that afk can be anything from 'exploiter' to 'family member got injured and rushed to hospital/phone rang/cat had an accident on carpet'...

The game just needs a simple 'I am here: yes/no' popup if it thinks the player *might* be /afk. If the player lies/automates a response to that screen, then it's intentional and they get banned/perma-warning applied.