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well its a tad broken right now as in its way to steep and by to steep i mean i dont want to put a single engeneering console thats 20% kenetic resist in to my ktinga and have it only give me 16.6%,..
same with all the outher consoles that give % protection

on the 7.5% ones it goes down to 7%
on 20% ones it goes down to 16.6%
on 22% ones it goes down to 18.4 (or about .4 serers are down i cant remmeber)

now im not for removing them completly tho that would make things interesting for crusers to be able to make there hull practicaly immune to 1 type of dammage. however it should at least only kick in after the 1st item and not removing from the 1st item ^^
i hope this gets fixed soon and id like to know if it affects outher things with % like shiled regen