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02-07-2010, 04:02 AM
Keeping such a restriction in makes people different instead of everyone doing everything? Unfortunately that statement is wrong. What it does is literally force everyone to not mix player class and ship class.

What happens if an engineering player wants/wanted to play an escort class ship offsetting its lack of survivability with his personal engineering skills, thereby adding more diversity to the game/player/role-base? Or a tactical player on a cruiser?
None of this is feasible anymore now as such captains will not be able to use any meaningfull level III skills. Those of their own class won't be available due to their ships' stations not supporting a high enough rank (highest tac. BO station on cruiser = rank 2, highest eng. station on escort = rank 2 etc.) and they won't be able to train their ship-specific level 3 skills either because they would have to be the corresponding profession themselves. So that tactical captain on the cruiser won't be able to get those emergency power to xy III skills and that engineering officer in his escort will never be using HY torp III.

Getting those skills trained by other players as a sollution, well, it can be argued that this would solve the problem, but then again the player skill tree doesn't suggest any kind of restriction as we see it now, nor would I see a whole lot of arguments support that. While this could be discussed and argued about, it would be a pointless discussion as it is simply not possible/implemented to train other people's BOs.

Getting those level III skills from rare reward- etc. BOs: that is not possible either.
Those rare BOs that can be found do NOT have any level III abilities on their "loot table" that are unlocked by players. The III skills that you see on them are all rare-BO-exclusive, meaning they only offer special skills that do not exist in any other form than on the "loot table" of those rare BOs.

Everyone can verify this easily on their own: when you rank up and receive the option to requisition a free new BO as a level-up reward keep opening and closing the claim reward-dialogue. The abilities of the BO being offered to you will change, not every single time you re-open the dialogue but often enough to see what different rare-/level III abilities there are available.

A few days ago I told a friend of mine that I was going down the cruiser line and that my only regret was that I would never be able to use HY III. He then claimed that eventually I might be able to do so as reward-/rare BOs would have highend skills at lower ranks, namely he claimed we would be able to get HY III in the slot of a rank 2 ability. At firstl my own wish to get that blinded me from the truth and I believed him, but fact is, this, or anything similar will never happen, it will never be available.

Bottom line: the only level III abilities that can be unlocked by players that anyone will ever be able to have on their BOs will be those unlocked by oneself and corresponding to the player's own career path.

Time to abandon my captain-class <--> ship-class mix-match and go pure tactical captain in an escort ship. There goes the diversity.