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# 1 STO: MMO or Not
02-07-2010, 04:02 AM
I am coming from years of experience of MMO's where the player logs on into a game world that he can interact with, be it with crafting, PvE,PvP so on and so forth. STO doesnt feel like a MMO at all. more like a collection of links to instance groups.
Where is the content? How come I can beam down to Qo'os and only be able to go the Great Hall?
How come I can go to the Sol System but only beam over to a huge star base and not to beam to Federation Headquarters in San Fransico?
What i'm getting at is that the Planets need to be filled in with content, cities for players to live in(cant live in your ship 24/7) There needs to be Crafting and alot more added.