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02-07-2010, 04:11 AM
Originally Posted by Monthar
Ya left out the #1 & #2 newbie questions related to this.

#1 Question "I'm Lt 11, how do I get promoted."
Spend your skill points and you will be contacted by the KDF offering you the promotion mission. You can always mouse-over your rank/exp bar to get the tooltip that tells you what you need for the next rank.

#2 Question "Where's the High Council?"
Up the ramp where you first beamed into the Great Hall

When you hit Lt. 11 I would suggest you spend your Skill Points one at a time and keep checking to see if you get the "see the chancellor" message. If you have your other skills at 9 then you only need to raise one other skill 4 times to complete (one skill box will read 4). I made an error and put 5 in.