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02-07-2010, 05:36 AM
Originally Posted by Rabidfish View Post
It may "seem" that way but the server has been up for a considerable while longer than a "few hours". I think that your affirmation that you can "hardly ever play this game" is most likely a gross over-exaggeration. They have brought down the servers several times in the last few days, and there have been several patches as well. So i'm not sure what point you were trying to make. And the fact that this is launch week means that the game is young and they do not as yet know how many people are going to be playing long term, meaning that they cannot accurately guage the required server capacity.

This is not intended to offend you in anyway, but there are many many more threads like the one you have started here, and they all wind up being equally pointless. I'm sure Cryptic are painfully aware of the unhappiness of their players over the downtime, so there really is no need to keep starting new threads on the same tired topic.
Well said. Well said.

I agree 100%.

As an added to what you said.

Who in general *IS* happy during downtime. Ya so you get 2 hours to yourself. I spend it drinking coffee and just took a jog down to Tim Hortons. I see others spend it on forums and not complaining.

But you have to be the one (referring to OP) that have to write a thread based nothing else but the bellyaching of downtime.

I have a question. How long did you play today?

My friend played for nearly 16 hours stright. I played 8 hours. and 2 of my other real life friends played for 12 hours.

This is more then a few hours.

Unless cause I am canadian and i duno but few where i live means 3.

btw heres a clip for those that spend their time on forums writing threads like this one.