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Eh. I'll give it a try


-more missions for lt's so you aren't always doing Sulu's boring patrol missions
-ability to make own choices in missions and solve them diplomaticaly
-more incentive on the exchange (not being able to sell weps/kits on anything but the exchange and ability to sell ships at the exchange)


-More ships so i don't have to play for about a month just to get to Lt. Cmndr
-escorts and science vessels in the choice for lts to command, starting ship depends on choice of profession as does tutorial
-More Tribble interaction!! (for instance, BO's pet them occasionally, even the non-commandable generic ones, and for every tribble in your inventory, there must be 10 on your bridge, and one must be in the captains chair. Also make klingons not be able to hold them. If klingons hate them, why can my klingon BO hold 4? Please fix this and there'll be no tribble at all (i love that pun))


-Romulan and Cardassian and maybe even Domninion campaigns
-more starbases
-docking system (if you have a ship at one station and then buy one, you have two at that station, but if you move to another station and decide to sell the second one on the exchange, you must go back to the first station and do it there)