Thread: STO: MMO or Not
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02-07-2010, 04:50 AM
I"ve seen absolutely no need to group with anyone and my team requests are routinely ignored by the large number of what I suspect to be Tac officer escort drivin' loot *****s.

Without a death penalty, who cares if you die? If I still get skill points for going AFK during the FA or the deep space encounter, who cares if I touch a key? With the rampant "the game doesn't start till 50" attitude, who cares if you've got to grind your way through via Deep Space Encounters?

It's not an MMO because I don't see any scenario where we'll see in open chat "Need ENG/SCI for XXXXXX mission, must have VM, TR, and GW trained to the max and be able to CC Borg without fail." There's no real defined roles for grouping now, so why do it?

Does anyone see any reason why they should group, because that's what's going to get at the heart of whether this is a MMO or not? No reason to group, then it's just a bunch of folks flying around aimlessly.