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02-07-2010, 05:02 AM
To be honest the "Wow what an amazing week" was correct. Atari gave them 2 years to create the game, so they did pretty good. Give them a month or so before you pass judgement. MMORPGs tend to take a month to come into their own, so i would give the that.

The instancing is a little on the heavy side but the game so far is too small for them to have less instancing. would you really like to have fleet actions or enemy contact missions where they get finished within a minute of starting because there are just so many people in the instance?

On another note: our current game map is based in two halves of two different quadrants. we have roughly a sector and a bit of more content to get through. Not to mention there could be the addition of the romulan, cardassian and possibly borg as playable factions.

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